NextGen Cooling Summit
Durable Datacenters joint the DatacenterWorks Summit on May 24th in Woerden

DatacenterWorks was able to connect a broader audiance all interrested to hear more about NextGen Cooling

The NextGen Cooling Summit organized by DatacenterWorks on May 24th was time well spend. Meeting a very good group of professionals brought great discussions on the traditional cooled datacenters versus the fluid cooled systems. We thank Eric Luteijn, his staff and Switch Datacenters for yet another interesting summit on NextGen Cooling!  

The Datacenter as a topic increased in popularity and it was good to see the increase of interest and -visitors compared to the first edition. The programme started 11:00 hrs and we were welcomed by Eric Luteijn from DatacenterWorks and Edgar van Essen from Switch. The summit was hosted by Rashid Niamad.

Edgar van Essen - Managing  Director of Switch datacenters - gave an interesting presentation about "Bebuilding existing Datacenters" with regard to the activities of SwitchDatacenters. He was followed by Peter Sprenkeler from Equinix, who shared the initiatives on sustainable cooling.

The lunch was well delicious and well organized and time enough to de some serious networking. Peter Vermeulen from Pb7 Research kicked off the afternoon meeting with research facts about the cooling market being on the move.

Job Witteman, founder and CEO of iXora and one of the sponsors of this meeting, talked about the social importance of using the scarce fossil resources in the data center as economically as possible. What was particularly striking was the message that Job gave the audience that it is extremely necessary in the Netherlands to embrace the social importance of this.

Other speakers were:

  • The market for cooling solutions is hot and happening, according to Peter Vermeulen from Pb7 Research. 
  • Result from research about liquid cooling substances, presented by Certios)
  • irect-to-chip koeling  by Sahar Belkin (Zutacore)
  • Can Sustainability and better TCO go hand in hand?  door Bertil Brendeke (Submer)

Looking forward to the next. #immersioncooling #heatreuse #sustainability #innovation Job Witteman #iXora_HRM

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